Short Story – Visiting

You are now in front of the house. It is huge, and you know it well. You know every corner, all the floors, all the rooms. You can naturally find your way inside it; even in the apparent chaos you remember the location of everything you need. All in all, the house is a familiar, comforting sight to you. The corners of your lips go up as you approach the front door. It opens at the slightest touch. This house is never locked for you, even if sometimes the door gets a little rusty. No one else can enter unless you choose to let them in.

The things inside the house spring to life as soon as you step in. They run towards you. They compete for attention, for a few words, for anything you can give them. You created them, after all. You gave them their shape. Now they want to grow, to develop, and maybe go outside the house for the first time. They are your ideas, your plans, your memories. When you visit, it is because one of them is about to get bigger; and knowing this only makes them more excited.

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